As a married man, I know how important and special weddings are. I also know how much the music can add to the emotion and beauty of the day.

I composed the processional music for my own wedding and it added something immensely special to our day. I want to help others enjoy that experience.

I compose, re-arrange popular songs and provide background music to wedding services, receptions and formal events. Regardless of what you are looking for, I can add something; all I need is a piano.

Here are my current services and prices:

Wedding Service Only – £249 – This includes the following:

An initial meeting to discuss your requirements so I can make selections for your approval.

Up to two hours (in one session or two 60-minute sessions) before the day for me to attend rehearsals if needed.

I will arrive 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the service, dressed to match your theme, and provide prelude music. I will play whatever has been requested during your service and up to 15 minutes of postlude music as guests are leaving.

If there’s a cherished number you’d like to have as part of your day and it’s not currently part of my repertoire, I’m prepared to make an arrangement of the song and send a file for your approval; the song will then feature as part of your day.

Wedding Reception/Formal Events – £50 per hour – I will dress to match the requirements for your event and amend my selections to suit the theme, including any requests.

Please note that additional charges may apply for long distance travel, but these will be discussed and finalised before a quote is submitted and final agreements are made.

Sound good so far? If so, drop me a line on the “Contact” page with any additional questions and we’ll go from there!

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Weddings to Date:

Alan and Laura – 2008

Richard and Natalie – 2009

Tom and Rebecca – 2009

Sam and Tanya – 2012

Josh and Charlotte – 2013

Jordan and Paige – 2014

James and Elizabeth – 2014